A bike that absorbs pollution and releases clean air to help China deal with smog

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A bike that absorbs pollution and releases clean air to help China deal with smog

July 6, 2017 Fabulous Newsworthy Science 0

Recent weather phenomena in China have caused worry among the environmentalists. However, a new development is likely to raise their spirits, and perhaps the smog and pollution in the Asian giant. The Smog Free Bicycles could become a common sight on the streets of Beijing in a few months’ time.

The project has been taken up by China’s biggest bike sharing firm Ofo, Dutch innovator Daan Roosegaard and Chinese design platform TEZIGN. The partnership was announced last week during the¬†World Economic Forum, held in Dalian in China. The designing is still underway and more details will be released by the fall.

“Beijing used to be an iconic bicycle city.¬†Together with Chinese and Dutch expertise we will bring back the bicycle as a cultural icon of China and as the next step towards smog free cities,” said Roosegaard during the announcement. He added that the eco-friendly bike he is designing will absorb polluted air, clean it and release the cleaned air around its rider.

Roosegaard is the pioneer behind the Smog Free movement. Last year, his studio designed towers that were put up in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The towers collect carbon particles from the polluted air around them, and convert them into diamonds. It was found that the towers were able to provide cleaner air in places near it, acting as giant vacuum cleaners.

Similar towers are being planned to be put up in countries like India, Columbia and Mexico soon. Roosegaard also plans to use the technology in various aspects of urban living including building, parks, residential colonies and public transport among others.


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