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Kristen Twardowski: A Writer’s Workshop

From book news and writing resources to posts about libraries and publishing, Kristen Twardowski’s blog is a haven for bibliophiles.

Mother Jones Magazine

Now powered by VIP, award-winning Mother Jones is a reader-supported news nonprofit focused on independent and investigative reporting on politics, climate change, education, and more.

Stop Telling Me to Stay in My Lane. There Are No Lanes Anymore.

“Politics does not stick to one lane. It veers across the highway, crashing into ambulances and school buses and running over the occasional bunny. Sometimes it jumps the railing and comes careening into our homes.”

Small Town Gardener

Marianne Willburn is the self-taught gardening expert behind Small Town Gardener, a collection of practical and humorous columns about creating the garden of your dreams.

On “Missing”

Sara Dorner explores feelings with her four-year-old daughter. “Missing is remembering. How we long is an interpretation of our own worth in this world.”

Pretty Girls Don’t Get Less Than A Hundred Likes On Their Selfie

The writer at Scattered Scripturient on the social media generation: “I define my worth by how many likes I get on a picture or a post, and the realization of that fact actually causes my stomach to flop.”

Who Are You Writing For? Blogger Val Boyko Looks Beyond the “Like” Button

A long-time blogger offers advice to more recent arrivals on the scene.