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Center of the Plate

Duck confit, anyone? Center of the Plate is the blog of D’Artagnan, a high-end purveyor of specialty foods in New Jersey. The site features recipes and stories about farm-to-table food culture.

The Pattern of a Writer’s Life in the Slow Turn of Seasons

Get inspired by Andrea Stephenson’s musings on the writer’s life and the changing of seasons.

Ashley Graham on New York’s Fall Fashion Issue

“When does Ashley Graham get to achieve what she seems to want — that being, a model, full-stop, rather than a model with size qualifiers — and when might she get to do it in a straight-up fashion spread, without the mandate being to underline her sexuality?”

Crafty Chica

Arizona-based artist and writer Kathy Cano-Murillo shares posts on Latino-inspired crafts, Phoenix life, recipes, pop culture, travel, entertainment, shopping, books, entrepreneurship, and more.

Cudillero: A View from Above

At Wandanlust, Danielle — who’s currently traveling around Europe by sailboat — shares a gorgeous shot of Cudillero, a fishing village on Spain’s Asturian coast.


“We find inspiration for photos and recipes all over the world. . . . Breathing the air on a different continent, our hands intertwined.” Susann and Yannic bring ideas home, then share beautifully styled vegetarian recipes from their Berlin kitchen. (In English and German.)

Streaming thru America

Neal Lubetsky’s photoblog chronicles his travels across the US and Canada in a 28-foot Airstream trailer, sharing stories and stunning landscape shots along the way.