The Obama Foundation’s focus is on developing the next generation of citizens

  The Obama Foundation’s focus is on developing the next generation of citizens — and what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century. via The Obama Foundation — Discover America’s Ex-Commander-in-Chief won’t be withdrawing from politics, Obama’s new foundation, called the Obama Foundation, unveiled a blueprint on Friday, and it outlines some…

Immigrants, designer babies & robot rights

via Who has the most immigrants, designer babies, robot rights and other top stories of the week – World Economic Forum – Medium Image Credit: OpenStreetMap; Content Credit: WEF Most immigrants? The US and Germany aren’t on the list. Image Credit: OpenStreetMap Venture capital? Software & biotech lead; financial services lag. Designer babies & robot rights….

BUSTED: Top 5 Crowdfunding Myths

This is our “What to expect when crowdfunding” guide that will help make your crowdfunding experience a much more enjoyable one.

More than a twerking wildchild

We first knew her as the adorable popstar who was trying to live a normal life. Over the last few years, though, everything we have heard and read about Miley Cyrus has pointed to her being a wild child who loves to court controversies.

Giving out free pizzas and some kindness

What would you do if you won free pizzas for a year? Throw a party all year round, did you say? A young couple from Detroit who won this hamper did exactly the same.

The mad scientist’s sane methods

Few scientists get to see their work being recognized and acknowledged during their lifetime; most get their due when they are long gone. Albert Einstein was among the lucky ones who got global recognition and celebrity status due to his work. While most people love the spotlight to be on them, Einstein preferred not getting…

Teachers of the other kind

Today most people across India not only welcomed the Lord of Wisdom Ganesha into their households but also expressed gratitude towards those who helped them gain wisdom.

Doing good can help you stay young and healthy!

You read that right. And, its scientifically proven, too. Research published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that the hormone oxytocin which is released in the human body when one is emotionally happy has physiological effects that effectively slow down aging. The hormone does this by reducing oxidative stress, which in turn reduces the number…

Pee Cee does more than lip service

She has vowed the world with her acting talent, singing and dazzling beauty. One side of her that doesn’t get noticed very often, though, is Pee Cee’s involvement with several social causes.

The most unique bachelorette party of the world

For celebrating her upcoming wedding, Jessika Baldwin took some ladies out for coffee, followed by a day at the salon, lunch, a shopping spree, a glamorous photo shoot and then dinner. What’s so unique about this, you ask?

Mother Teresa’s lesson on utilizing resources

The world is excited about the canonization of Mother Teresa, who will finally be known as Saint Teresa of Kolkata from this Sunday onward. On this occasion, we revisit some of the lessons taught by the missionary.

Why should non-profits opt for crowdfunding?

In the recent years, crowdfunding has emerged as a great solution for non profit organisations. There are several benefits of utilising the power of internet and the donor base of crowdfunding websites