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Family Genes

All the males in Neil Kramer’s family had an inherited muscular disorder — but none of them ever talked about it, or sought help. Neil breaks that pattern.

Poets on Borders: Perspectives at <em>Poetry International</em>

Poets from around the world share their perspectives on borders.

Dragon Tales of Middle Earth: Somewhere in Otago

In response to the “Reflecting” photo challenge at The Daily Post, Lignum Draco shares landscapes filled with autumn colors in Otago, New Zealand.

Daddy Coping in Style

E.C. Knox is a dad to two little boys, and you can learn from his mistakes. “Parents: I’m speeding up my ‘traveling with little kids’ travel series and jumping to the conclusion – little kids are the reason for all-inclusive Cancun resorts.”

How Three Authors Promote Their Books with Widgets

Promote your books with text and image widgets.

Moleskine Sketches

“I decided to get back to pen sketches. Once you put pen to paper, that’s it: you’re committed. If you screw up, you can either run with the mistake, or try to hide it.” Terry at Observaterry shares a series of sketches.

breaking the surface

Tenille Campbell recognized burnout and then did something about it: “But slowly, slowly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t feel the joy. I couldn’t feel the passion. I felt… grey. Nothing. Absent.”