New Discovery: A 3,700-year-old pyramid in Egypt!

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New Discovery: A 3,700-year-old pyramid in Egypt!

April 8, 2017 Fabulous 0

That’s right! Earlier this week, researchers discovered the remains of a pyramid that dates back to the thirteenth century.  Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities made the official announcement about their team making the discovery in the Dashrur Necropolis area. While excavation is still underway, the parts uncovered so far have been found to be in good conditions.

The newly discovered pyramid is located to the south of King Senefru’s Bent pyramid which is considered to be among the oldest surviving pyramids. So far, the team has been able to uncover a part of the inner structure where there seems to be a corridor leading inside, a hall and a room towards the western end of the pyramid.

They also found a 15cmX17cm alabaster slab with a lot of hieroglyphs on it. The Ministry has shared the pictures of these inscriptions with some renowned Epgyptologists. From their initial interpretations, they think it mentions the name of a king of the Dynasty XIII pharaoh Ameny Qemau. That has raised some doubts as the pyramid of this king was identified as early as 1957.

The Ministry and the archaeological team are very excited to find out what lies inside the main chamber of the pyramid. They hope to provide all the answers to the queries coming their way soon.

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