Adult men in Australia view denial of entry into Legoland playground as a human rights violation

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Adult men in Australia view denial of entry into Legoland playground as a human rights violation

April 21, 2017 Entertaining Newsworthy 0

All of us have some very fond memories of our very first constructions as children made by joining Lego blocks. Some of us refuse to outgrow our fondness colorful blocks even as we grow up. But Australian men just beat the whole world in their fondness of all things Lego.

Recently, the first Legoland Discovery Center of the country opened up in Melbourne. Joining the excited hordes of families and children were some adult men who wanted to check the place out too. Unlike others, though, they left the place fuming. Reason: Authorities didn’t allow them to enter the playground area.

The small incidence has led to a huge controversy with some of the men threatening to sue the authorities for what they think as being a human rights violation. Some of them even showed their outrage on social media, calling it age based discrimination. They reasoned that the Lego boxes say they are meant for people between the ages of 4 and 99.

The said area is open to kids aged between 3 and 10, and adults can enter only when accompanied by a kid under 16. This prompted a few of the grown-up men to seek a child for the day to accompany them to the playground of Legoland.

Amid all this, Lego also posted their official statement on the subject on their Facebook page. It said that the company understands the universal appeal of Lego, irrespective of people’s ages. Yet, they defended their decision to allow entry based on the basis of age as minimizing the number of adults around fostered a more welcoming environment for children. The statement also mentioned that there are activities targeted specifically at adults to balance this denial.


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