Taiwanese hikers lost in the Himalayas found; 1 dead, 1 alive

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Taiwanese hikers lost in the Himalayas found; 1 dead, 1 alive

April 28, 2017 Disturbing Newsworthy 0

A couple from Taiwan who went trekking to the Himalayas went missing seven weeks ago. On Wednesday, a search team found them. Unfortunately, the woman had died just three days before the rescuers found them. The man was found beside the remains of his partner.

Twenty year old Liang Sheng-yue had left Taiwan for Nepal along with his 19-year-old girlfriend Liu Chen-chun in late February. The couple had gone trekking on March 9 without a guide and were confronted by a snowstorm. The rescue team from Kathmandu-based Asian Trekking Agency airlifted Liu’s remains as well as Liang to Kathmandu where he was admitted in a hospital.

It seems that after facing the snowstorm, the couple lost their bearing and fell into a ravine. The food packets they had on them only lasted for 8-10 days. After that they resorted to eating salt and snow to survive. They found a cave to take shelter in. It was in this cave that the rescuers found the couple.

Liang was in an extremely emaciated condition, having lost 66 pounds in the course of 47 days. Maggots were infesting his right leg and there were lice in his head when he was found. While the doctors treating him say he is well on his way to recovery physically, they are more concerned about his mental health.

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