Atlanta Police Department rallies local community to help family after officer catches little girl shoplifting $2 pair of shoes

Atlanta Police Department is taking several new initiatives under community policing. On Tuesday, they wrote about the experience of officer Che Milton on their Facebook page. The cop had been called to a local Family Dollar store where a 12-year-old girl was caught shoplifting a $2 pair of shoes. Not only did the officer do an immediate act of kindness towards the girl’s family but also rallied the community to help them.

According to the Department’s Facebook post, Officer Milton was interrogating the young girl at the store. She said she stole the shoes for her younger sister as her family couldn’t afford to buy a pair. The officer wanted to see for himself if the living conditions of the girl’s family was so bad. So, he drove her home.

What he saw there made him determined that he would help the family. There were six children in the family but they didn’t have enough beds or food. The mother said that she couldn’t work as she had to take care of the kids. Her husband would take up work wherever he gets it, Yet, he can’t make enough to take care of all the needs of his kids.

After talking to the mother, Officer Milton went out to buy pizzas and beverages for the family. Later, he apprised child services of the family’s situation.

After the post was made, people from all over the city, and even outside, came forward to help the family. They wanted to contribute in the form of old and new shoes, clothes, Walmart gift cards, books and even toys for the kids. The department is in regular touch with the family and is posting about their requirements on their Facebook page.


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