Scary predictions about World War III and future of USA concern people

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Scary predictions about World War III and future of USA concern people

May 19, 2017 Disturbing Wars 0

When it comes to predictions and prophecies, most of us are skeptics. However, there are some very grim predictions about the year 2017 which have concerned a lot of people. These include predictions about a gradually worsening global financial crisis and many regional wars culminating into the third World War.

These predictions became all the more real when Bulgarian psychic Baba Vanga’s prophecy about a chemical warfare against in Syria. Her descriptions were found very close to last month’s Sarin gas attack. It is alleged that the attacks were carried out on the order of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the government forces have denied it.

Her other predictions about this year include a decline in USA’s economy after Barack Obama steps down as president. She said this will be followed by a huge political divide between the North and the South, something very similar to the Civil War days. She also believed that Europe will become almost empty and a wasteland with no life form existing across the continent.

About the World War III, Vanga said that there will be a widespread use of chemicals and nuclear in the war. To the extent that most people in the world would die of skin cancers as a result.

Scarily, the grand old man of prophecies, Nostradamus himself had similar predictions. One of his verses has been translated to mean that there will be a great war started by two powerful nations. This war, he said, will last for 27 years.

This will give rise to not just nuclear combat but a series of natural disasters as the global warming worsens. According to Nostradamus, because of these ‘Hot Wars’, resources will keep diminishing even as terrorism keeps rising.

About the United States, he has said that the global superpower will no longer be able to control the situation because of increasing corruption and inequality. Meanwhile, several Eastern countries will try to control the economic imbalance. All this will lead to the rise of communism.

Looking at the events that have happened in only the first four months of the year, these predictions don’t seem very far-fetched to many interpreters and political commentators. There are others who believe the verses are being translated to mean things they don’t. Only time can tell how accurate these prophecies actually are.



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