Villagers float rubber duckies in puddles on streets to highlight pothole menace

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Villagers float rubber duckies in puddles on streets to highlight pothole menace

May 24, 2017 Crowd Newsworthy Politics UpWorthy 0

Rubber ducks are supposed to cute little toys resting beside your bathtub, or sometimes floating in it. But have you seen a street flooded with them? That’s exactly what people in a British village did earlier this week. They put up hundreds of them in potholes to bring attention to the bad condition of their streets.

his was a part of a very unusual protest put up by the citizens of Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire. Interestingly, the local councilors were not just aware of the idea, but a part of it. In fact, all the rubber ducks were donated for the event by councilor Martin Lipson.

Before this, the villagers used many other traditional ways of getting their bad roads the due attention. For more than a year and a half. Residents of the village thought the officials were ducking the issue, which makes their protest method all the more relevant. Residents say that the potholes create a safety issue, with drivers becoming prone to tripping, especially when it rains.

The duck full of “ponds” sure did attract eyeballs. Drivers along the road stopped to ask what the matter was, as did many a media people. Once the reason was known to them, the crowd of onlookers cheered and gave a thumbs up to the ‘protesters’.

Oxfordshire County Council also finally acknowledged the problem, though they denied it posed a big safety issue. The council also assured the villagers to fix their roads soon.






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