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Crowdfunding for Nonprofits & Schools

Crowdfunding is nothing new.  Nonprofits have been crowdfunding for decades! Think about it. Jerry Lewis hosted his first telethon in 1966 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association which became an annual event though 2009 and has raised nearly $2.45 billion for MDA. The telethon is the equivalent of today’s crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is simply the act of gathering…
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November 17, 2013 0

How to ask anyone for anything!

How to ask anyone for anything! Asking someone for a donation, or to come to an event, on behalf of your school, church, or non-profit need not be a harrowing affair.  Making an ask can even be (gulp!) a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The three important areas to consider in making an ask are: relationships,…
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September 6, 2013 0